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If you're into cars and call yourself a petrol head, if you use car forums, or go to cruise, or drift meets, perhaps you display your car at auto shows, or would maybe like too, then what better accessory for your four wheeled pride and joy than a set of show plates, styled to your own design and custom made to your exact specification. Our service provides competitively priced show plates. You design them using our online number plate builder to get that look and feel you want for your car. Whilst these plates are not for use on British roads or highways, they do give you that design and style advantage that sets you apart from the crowd for when you are at a show or other such private off road event.

Design and order reflective acrylic show plates today. At Number Plates Show Plates we produce off road custom number plates and show plates for the UK market.

A show plate is a custom designed plate individually made up from thousands of possible design combinations to create something which is personal and unique for each individual. Show plates are not intended for vehicles used on the Public Highways, because they do not conform to British Licence plate guidelines.

Use our online plate builder (coming soon) to create your ideal plate set, take as long as you need to select the correct size, background and border for your individual show plates design. Choose the font you like and that best reflects the look you are after, and finally add badge graphics as required. The staff at Number Plates Show Plates have made every effort to make your plate building experience as easy, and enjoyable as possible, but if you find you want some help, or you would like to add personal graphics you've designed yourself give us a call and we will provide you with a first class design service for some additional cost.

We can accept personalised graphics which you can send in along with your order, be sure to remember that the actual size of the graphic and complexity of the graphic is limited by the available area as provided by the acrylic show plates blank. In addition if you are supplying your own graphics ensure that the design is simple and will look stylish and not cluttered, You can not reasonably fit the ceiling of the Sistine chapel on the area provided by the acrylic show plates blank.

Show plates can be used in many different display applications not just limited to cars and car related display situations; why not use them for signs around your building. Show plates give a high visibility easily readable marking and make great signage. You can use them anywhere and for anything, the only limit is your imagination. Why not use a set of show plates on your horse’s stable door, or your bedroom door. If you have something to say do it with a set of show plates.

As stated in our terms and conditions show plates used in this context refer to signage and not to road legal vehicle identification number plates, the use of such signage on your road going vehicle may render you liable for prosecution and a fine. The use of your show plate’s signage is the sole responsibility of you the customer and we supply this product under the strict understanding that it will not be used for on road vehicle identification purposes.

Looking for a unique set of show plates for your UK Van, car or motorbike then contact Number Plates Show Plates now!!