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Numbers Registration

This article discusses the process of acquiring the correct and desired numbers registration combination for your car. Numbers registration or registration numbers are not in their own right items of property. The Secretary of State assigns these numbers registration and has the right to withdraw a particular numbers registration combination as required. The rules governing this process are part of the legislation relating to the registration and licensing process required by law. The numbers registration is a unique reference and means of identifying a vehicle, for legal (law enforcement) and taxation purposes. In general the numbers registration is assigned to the vehicle prior to the first sale of that vehicle. In general the registration number stays with the car from the time it is manufactured and first sold, to the time the vehicle is withdrawn, broken up, permanently exported from the country or destroyed. When a vehicle is sold the registration numbers that identify that vehicle pass to the new keeper of that vehicle, As such the keeper has limited entitlement to the registration number of a vehicle. In most circumstances registration numbers are not assigned to the keeper of the vehicle, however certain special facilities exist that allow individuals to acquire and retain particular numbers registration combinations.

The DVLA has several sales schemes for numbers registration combinations. One such scheme is called the DVLA classic collection. This sales scheme is an auction of numbers registration combinations of personalised number plates. These auctions are usually two days long and held about six times a year at various prestigious locations around the country. At these auctions you can bid for and if successful own numbers registration combinations that would otherwise be difficult and perhaps more expensive to get hold of. The DVLA considers this their flagship sales scheme. Further details of this scheme may be found on the DVLA web site. The average number of registrations being sold at each auction is about 800 registrations.

Another DVLA sales scheme for numbers registration combinations is the DVLA Select Registrations. This scheme is web based and can be found on the DVLA web site. This sales portal offers millions of registrations starting from as little cost as £250.

Lastly the DVLA has a DVLA Custom Marks auction where individuals can bid on numbers registrations that have not as yet been previously released. Not all combinations will be allowable and probably will not be cheap, but for that ultra personalised numbers registration combination, this is a good place to look.

If you don’t own a vehicle but would like to buy a personal number plate you can still carry out a personalised plate numbers registration with the DVLA. You will get sent a certificate of entitlement (V750) which you will need to keep safe until you are ready to add the registration plate to your vehicle. You will have until the expiry date on your V750 form to put the personalised plate on a car. If you still not ready when you reach the expiry date and would like to renew your personalised plate numbers registration, you can extend the entitlement period for 12 months for around £25.

If you have previously carried out a personalised plate numbers registration for your current vehicle and would like to transfer the number plate registration to a new vehicle, you can complete a V317 form and pay a sum of £80 to the DVLA to transfer the plate to your new vehicle. If on the other hand you decide to sell your vehicle but would like to keep your personalised plate numbers registration, you need to complete a V778/1 which allows you to retain the number plate for a fee of £105 payable to the DVLA.