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Cherised Number Plates

Looking for cherished number plates that show off your name, initials, or birth date? Number Plates Show Plates can create your cherished number plates in a multitude of designs for the unique cherished number plates that you desire. Many people use a combination of numbers and letters to make up their chosen cherished number plates message, such as “FAT BOY” which can be made up as “FAT 8OY”, “F4T BOY” or even “FA7 BOY”.

Selecting the correct combination of letters and numbers for your cherished number plates can have a very large impact on the final cost for the cherished number plates message you choose. Suppose your name was Steven, and you wanted your cherished number plates to show off your name. The chances of buying the plate that had the name “STEVEN” are non-existent due to the legal requirements of the character combinations available. Therefore you would need to look for something similar. The closer you get to matching all the letters, the more expensive the plate will become. For this reason budget is often the deciding factor for many people looking for cherished number plates.

For an idea of both cost, and to illustrate the differences single character substitution can make when selecting the right cherished number plates for you and your budget the following examples are given (the prices are approximate and were correct at the time of writing this article 04/07/2008). Continuing with the example name of “STEVEN” as given above, the nearest match of “S73 VEN” would cost around £22,000. This would make for a very expensive set of cherished number plates. However by tailoring the character combination of the cherished number plates to “S773 VEN” the cost is dramatically reduced to around £7,000. The original meaning of the intended message is not lost, and the word “STEVEN” can still be clearly perceived, yet by adding just one letter to the character combination, the cost would be one third of the of the first “S73 VEN” cherished number plates character combination. Interestingly the character combination “573 VEN” would set you back around £17,000 and perhaps be less recognisable as the intended “STEVEN” that was originally required for the set of cherished number plates.

So to summarise, when selecting your character combinations for cherished number plates the letter B can be interchanged with the numeral 8, 5’s can become the letter S, the letter A can be substituted with the number 4, E is 3, O can be 0 and so on. The main point is this, a lot of money can be saved if you are willing to get a little creative when selecting your cherished number plates. There are many companies, organisations, and associated web sites that can help you research both the availability and cost of your selected cherished number plates, and the combinations of characters you use to represent the word or slogan you wish it to represent.

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) has a great deal of information, both in printed materials and online information regarding cherished number plates. By visiting their web site, you can search the availability and cost of your chosen cherished number plates. The site the DVLA provides also has a useful function that will help select alternative character combinations. However, this is only a good aid to the creative process of cherished number plates selection, and does not remove the need for your own valuable input. The more ingenious your own efforts are, the better the deal you will end up with in terms of suitability and cost, there is a trade off between the two issues.

For details and information on acquiring your desired cherished number plates, please visit our page “numbers registrations”