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Scotland the most popular place for Private Reg owners

A recent survey was carries out by Elephant.co.uk part of the Admiral group to identify the most popular places in the UK for Private Number plates. Of the top 20 UK postal districts where personalised plates have become popular eight are in Scotland. The survey identified that 3 villages in Stirlingshire Fintry, Killearn and Strathblane accounted for 14.02% of the UK’s personalised number plate owners.
Many people see Personalised number plates as a status symbol and with the DVLA making it much simpler for people to search for and buy them they have become much more popular. Its not just people with high paid jobs who own personalised plates either with prices starting from as little as £245, having your own identity on your car has become an affordable accessory.
The second most popular part of the UK for private registrations is the villages of Anlaby and Kirk Ella near Hull, which accounts for 11.98% of motorists and Llangefni in Anglesey, Wales is the 3rd most popular with 11.88%.

Dundee city centre, Moffat in Dumfriesshire and Pencaitland in East Lothian were other Scottish areas with a high percentage of drivers owning personalised plates. It seems that Scotland has had a love for personalized plates for a number of years. In a 2006 survey of over one million motorists carried out by Admiral Insurance found top 3 cities were again from Scotland, Aberdeen, Falkirk and Motherwell which at the time accounted for 14.35% of the UK’s personalised plate owners.

Most Expensive Number Plates No comments yet

The world’s most expensive number plate was sold in the United Arab Emirates at an Auction to raise money for charity in 2008. The Number “1” plate fetched a staggering £7 million and was bought by Saeed Abdul Ghaffer Khouri a member of a wealthy Abu Dhabi family.

Second most expensive number plate was number “5” which was also sold in Dubai, one of the Arab Emirates in 2007. The plate which sold for £3.5 Million was bought by Talal Al Khoury an Abu Dhabi-based wealthy businessman. At the same Auction the number “12” plate sold for just short of £2.5 Million, the Number “55” for £180 thousand and finally the number “45” for £138 thousand, the great thing is that money raised went to charity.

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