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UK Personalised Number Plates

You’ve spent your precious time, energy and money on making your car look great, you’ve chosen the perfect body kit, the alloys, and the paint job all to reflect your personal style and taste. Why not make the perfect finish to your car by designing a set of bespoke UK personalised number plates. You can select from our vast catalogue of badges, borders and fonts to create that completely individual look, completing your personal design vision. Whatever interests you have, why not add these features to your designs. Weather it’s a football team or an exhaust manufacturer, if you want it in your design use our online plate builder to create your set of individualised UK personalised number plates.

Alternatively if you have a graphic, logo or emblem that is not in our library, you can email it along with your order giving any specific instructions as required, and the team here at Number Plates Show Plates will add it to your design and supply you with a top quality set of UK personalised number plates. If you do require personalised artwork you can supply up to four images along with your order and any extra instructions that we need to produce exactly the design you want. Once we receive your order with your specific requirements and instructions we will create a demonstration image of your UK personalised number plates which we will then email back to you for your final approval. If during this process you have any questions or uncertainties regarding your UK personalised number plates order you can call us at 01792 524967 during office hours (9:00AM to 5:00PM Monday to Friday, excluding Bank Holidays). If you do require our graphic design services these are provided at an additional cost details of which are given in our terms and conditions, this information is also detailed in the ordering section of our site.

It is important to note that unless you are ordering plates that fully conform to all the requirements of the DVLA, Department for Transport and the various Road Traffic acts, any plates supplied, are considered as signage and the use of the term UK personalised number plates refers to signs and not road legal vehicle identification number plates in this context. If you do use such signage on your road going vehicle you may be liable to prosecution and a fine.